itenes Orari Lunedi - Venerdi 9:30-19:30
itenes Orari Lunedi - Venerdi 9:30-19:30


STPAYS is part of the Solutiontec group which consists of three departments specialized in digital technological solutions:

“We are your 360 ° digital partner”

A single contact means having advantages in terms of costs and management times.

Not just Software, we can support your digital projects with our expert departments in:

We have the technological solutions for companies of all sizes and various types of professionals.

We aim to simplify and automate business processes, improving business performance.

We discuss and analyze your needs

It is a fundamental phase where you get to know each other and analyze the needs, the problems to be faced in order to manage and grow your company.

We analyze and propose the best solutions

Based on your needs, we propose the best solutions in economic and operational terms.

We automate, digitize and improve your business

We develop solutions with care and passion, we want to release solid and efficient solutions, our customers are always happy and happy to have chosen us.

Our vision

A world where our technological solutions allow you to have more time to dedicate yourself to what you love.

Our vision is completely innovative, we are always in the continuous search for new technologies to offer to our customers.

We look forward to improving the performance of your business, the greater competitiveness that our customers acquire thanks to technological support is certainly a victory on the market for them and for us.